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Why Cat Whisker Studio?
Because cat whiskers are really lucky—
even luckier if the cat is still attached.

What I Do

I’m pleased to offer you writing, editing, copyediting, and proofreading services for online and traditional print media, as well as website development and management. I have been offering website services since 2005, and have been offering traditional editorial services since . . . oh, crikey, who can remember that far back? 20 plus years, anyway.

You may click on the Gallery to see a smattering of sites I have either designed or currently manage. Also, you may not. Your choice, of course.

As for publishers for whom I’ve worked, they include (in no particular order) Allyn & Bacon, Lippincott-Raven, Dearborn Financial, Contemporary Books, Addison-Wesley, Dartnell, Weiser, McGraw-Hill Trade, Loyola University Press, Time-Life Books, Pearson, Nicolas-Hays, and Willowisp Press, along with others I have most certainly forgotten.

What I Don’t Do

Iron anyone’s clothes, pump my own gas (unless “absolucy” necessary), or eat cows (not with those lovely eyelashes).