Coco Puff cat
Kittens–the essence of surprise!

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I like to develop sites that are a little different than expected. I tend to use WordPress as the skeleton so my clients can easily add content, and then I rip out everything that looks like a blog and create a solid website. Unless, of course, the client wants a blog. Then we’re cool, too.

If you don’t have a host yet and need one, especially for a WordPress site, I can highly recommend the following:

(Disclosure: I receive a commission for purchases made through this link.)

Click on a website image to go to the site (unless the company is out of business).

If you click on the crazy kitten above, then . . . you’ll just see the kitten again. What did you expect?


marliss melton site image (Latest version of site)
screenshot Marliss Melton (My earlier version)
sydney jane baily website image (Latest version of website)
sydney jane baily site image (My earlier version)
rebecca donnelley acupuncture image
jyculinary (Out of business) (Out of business but still pretty) (Out of business but had a wonderful accordion image upper nav)